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'Social Unrest: Resolving The Dichotomies Of Me/You And Us/Them' On Monday's Access Utah

USU Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology

Derrik Tollefson is Professor of Social Work and head of the Department of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology at Utah State University. He also directs the I-System Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies at USU.

The I-System Model, which provides the foundation for both Mind-Body Bridging and Productive Mind, was developed by Stanley H. Block, MD, together with his wife, Carolyn Bryant Block in the late 1990s to optimize heath, wellness, and human performance. The I-System Model presents a view of individual and collective psychosocial human functioning and embraces a holistic approach to healing and wellness. 

Derrik Tollefson is a co-author, with Stanley Bock, Carolyn Bryant Block and Guy du Plessis, of “Social Unrest: Resolving the Dichotomies of Me/You and Us/Them: The I-System Model of Human Behavior.”

This episode is a part of UPR’s Project Resilience made possible with support from the USU Center for Persons with Disabilities and The Family Place in Logan.