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Tips For Having A Healthy Lawn


  With July, we have experienced already some pretty extreme temperatures. With northern Utah experiencing high 90’s, St. George has been 100 degrees, Moab has been 100 or will be very short.

These high temperatures have puts a lot of stress on your lawn. Unless you have a brand-new lawn that's been recently seated, you should not be watering every day. Stick to the recommended schedule that we put out, which is watering every two to three days.
 One thing to be aware of is that with the high temperatures, sometimes we do get lawn diseases. The best way to avoid lawn disease is again not to water every day. 
If you have some areas in your lawn that look dry, go, and probe those areas. Get a large screwdriver, stick it into those areas and make sure that they're getting the proper amount of water. The screwdriver will not go in after it's been watered. So this is more of a watering issue. Have your watering system checked out. 
If you do have an area that tends to change color, and then that area seems to enlarge and get bigger and bigger, then you'll want to tug on that area of lawn and see if it's got grubs.
 If you've determined that you do have a fungus, then you'll need to get a fungicide and apply it and then turn the water on for one full cycle. Then let the lawn sit without water for a couple of days, and then resume your normal watering schedule. And about two weeks, you want to repeat this application of fungicide.
 At that point, things should begin to look better. If they don't, you'll want some expert advice.