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Tips For Choosing Fruit Trees


As we get into February, we start thinking a little bit about spring. I wanted to give you a few tips on choosing fruit trees. Let's talk for a minute about what grows well in Utah.

You can grow just about any tree fruit you would like peaches, plums, cherries- Utah's well known for its cherries, apricots, apples, and pears. Let's switch now for just a minute and talk about southern Utah. Again, all of us stone fruits would do well down in our area. 

Things that require a cool ripening period- such as pears and apples- aren't going to do so well down in far Southwestern Utah. However, we can grow figs and pomegranates and the St. George area. 

Now, what about northern Utah? Again, you can grow just about any tree fruit. There will be some specific areas that you're going to have to know your microclimate. Things like apricots and possibly plums will get caught by a late spring freeze. 

If you're trying to grow small fruits, like berry crops, in Northern Utah and Southern Utah, you'll want to confine the berry crop. There are about two blackberries that can tolerate the heat. 

Hope these have been some good tips for you as you go shopping in this next month or so to buy your fruit trees and berry plants.