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Cache Valley Mall bomb threat determined to be false

Sergeant Murray exits the front entrance of Cache Valley Mall holding a leash connected to a bomb detection dog. An officer follows behind him.
Brian Champagne
Sergeant Murray and bomb detection dog Zoomer exiting Cache Valley Mall.

Just after 1 p.m. on Monday, the Logan City Police Department responded to a bomb threat at Cache Valley Mall. Shoppers and employees evacuated. Responding to the incident was Utah State University Police Sergeant Scott Murray.

“Our main focus for our search today was any of the public corridor access into the hallways, bathrooms, those types of areas, a lot of garbage cans," Murray said. “We've determined that the main areas of the mall are clear of any suspicious items."

Murray was called in to assist officers. He handles the only bomb detection K-9 in the valley — a black lab named Zoomer.

Murray said in a building as large as the Cache Valley Mall, Zoomer needs a break after 30 minutes or so.

“That's very taxing on the dog because his main tool, if you will, is his nose — constantly sniffing, sucking through his nose trying to detect that odor that’s he’s been trained to find," Murray said.

The mall in Logan is not the only mall in the state to be evacuated recently. Multiple bomb threats were made Sunday and Monday at various locations, including shopping centers, synagogues and the St. George airport.

With an increase in threats, bomb detection dog handlers like Murray could see an increase in incidents requiring special skills like Zoomer’s.

“With the uncertainty of the world right now it’s hard to say. I hope not, but we’re prepared to do that if we need be,” Murray said.

Later Monday, local law enforcement determined stores in the Cache Valley Mall were safe to reopen to the public.

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