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Loving Our Lands To Death

Utah is a destination spot for those who want to explore the raw, untouched lands of America. Adventurers seek out Utah to experience the awe of the land by exploring its northern snow-capped mountains or the river-carved canyons of the south.

That is until you arrive at your destination and see a scene of overuse, abuse and crowds. 

In this series, we explore the harm our Utah lands face with the constant "love" we give. Why do filmmakers flock to Utah, what are the effects of continual record-breaking attendance at national parks, and why are we using our lands as a backdrop for our Instagram posts?

Join us as we explore these and more issues in the UPR original series "Loving Our Lands To Death." Premiering June 19 and airing throughout the summer. 


Support for Loving Our Lands To Death is made possible in part by the USU Quinney College of Natural Resources, where students and faculty promote the sustainability of ecosystems and the communities that depend on them. Information can be found here