Ask An Expert: May Gardening Checklist

20 hours ago

April showers bring May flowers – as well as a multitude of gardening tasks. The Utah State University Extension Gardener’s Almanac provides a checklist for each month as well as links for tips and further information.

There Is Still Time To Prune Your Fruit Trees

Apr 30, 2021

It is still not too late to prune fruit trees for 2021. However, this is a task that should be done very soon. Use clean, sharp tools that are meant for pruning. Here are some principles to keep in mind while pruning fruit trees. 

Utah Skies: April Astronomical Events To Watch

Apr 26, 2021
Bruce Horrocks

This last week of April will bring a couple of astronomical events that will be worth watching. The first of these will be the Lyrid Meteor Shower.  This will happen from April 16 to the 25, with the peak of the shower activity happening from April 22 to the 23.  The Lyrids is one of the oldest meteor showers and is named after the constellation Lyra.  Look to the east for the bright star Vega to have the best possible viewing during this week.

Ask An Expert – April Gardening Checklist

Apr 13, 2021

April showers (and work in the garden) bring May flowers (and plants). Consider these tips to help you prepare! Included are links from the Utah State University Extension Gardeners Almanac.

Tips For April Vegetables

Apr 12, 2021

If you're one of those who have already planted your tender vegetables, let me give you a few tips.