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Southern Utah Dog Owners Should Be Alert to Signs of Parovirus

A recent warning by Animal Control officials in Mesquite, Nevada, has dog owners in Southern Utah and Nevada on the lookout for signs of the very dangerous, even fatal, canine parovirus.

Parovirus infections have been detected recently in dogs whose owners sought treatment at the Mesquite Animal Shelter. The disease only affects dogs, but is very contagious, causing inflammation of the stomach and intestines. The virus can survive for several months and can infect dogs through direct contact with other infected dogs or even through contact with contaminated surfaces and objects. There is a vaccine, but it can take some time for the series to become fully protective.

If your dog shows symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite or fever, consult your vet immediately. Early treatment is essential to your pet's survival if the diagnosis is parovirus.