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Mother-son duo write song for St. George country music showdown

What has become one of Southern Utah’s favorite yearly events, the country music showdown, takes place tonight in St. George. Debuting will be a song written by a mother and son team promoting their community.

“The sun does shine most of the time here, so if you like rain, this isn’t the place to live,” Kevin Fry said.

Fry and his mother Eva will debut their song, ‘It’s Another Sunny Day in St. George, Utah’ before this evening’s crowd for what he hopes will be the first of many time the theme song will be sing in his community of 14 years.

“The vision for the song is really my moms,” Fry said. “I said it would be fun if St. George would embrace their own theme song.”

This mother and son project combines Eva’s love for writing and Kevin’s marketing skills.

“She just kind of writes from her heart,” Fry said. “If you’re going to have a song that people like, you’ve got to have those two elements to it. It’s got kind of a folk country sound to it, which is kind of fun and it’s got a really strong hook. She’s really good at writing songs with a strong hook.”

Kerry Bringhurst reports...