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Summer Solstice Observation Saturday Night

It represents one of the most concentrated repositories of ancient petroglyphs and astronomic observational features anywhere—an American Stonehenge.  The summer solstice will be observed at the Parowan Gap on Saturday.

Unlike Stonehenge, which was constructed entirely of human hands, the Parowan Gap and its multiple ancient observational features are naturally occurring, and track not only the cycles of the sun, but the moon and the planet Venus as well—all factors that led Native Americans to consider the spot sacred and supernatural says professor Nal Morris of Utah Valley University.

“No ancient soul would be ignoring, all right? We watch it and we think, 'that's pretty interesting,' but for them, it was even more so. Therefore evolves the term 'God's own house.'"

The solstice observation begins at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Parowan Gap, west of the town of Parowan in Iron County.