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Utah Democrats Profess High Hopes For Elections

Democratic Party of Utah

About half of Utah's state Senate and the entire House are up for election this year, and the Democratic Party has high hopes for increasing representation in the traditionally red state.

“I think we’re in great shape. I think Democrats are mobilized and engaged, I don’t think the Republicans really have a whole lot to vote for, and I think that that’s going to make a difference and we’re going to win in November,” said Matt Lyon, executive director of the Utah Democratic Party.

Utah Democratic Party chairman Peter Corroon said this week that his party has a chance to win seats in Carbon, Emery and Weber Counties.

Lyon said many variables such as demographics, income, jobs, party infrastructure and previously-elected officials determine whether a county will vote more democratic.

“People feel like it’s a red state and they don’t show up to the polls because they don’t think their vote matters, and that is just not true,” Lyon said. “What we’re seeing in a lot of these races is it’s really close, a couple hundred votes may make a difference.”

Nine Utah counties are turning to mail-in voting this election season, which Lyons said will likely help the Democratic Party.

“Any time there is more participation, Democrats always seem to do better, and so I’m optimistic that vote by mail will go in our favor.”

Despite party optimism, media reports only about a dozen of the state’s 89 legislative races are considered competitive this year.