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Associate Professor Advises How To Balance Work And Life

Christopher Campbell
Brower said when working on something, it can help to take a break for about ten minutes to refocus on the task.

With children out of school, summer can be a stressful time of year to work. Naomi Brower, associate professor at the Weber County extension of Utah State University — who does 4-H and family education — has advice for people who may have a hard time balancing work, school and life.

Brower said one of the most important things people can do is set realistic goals and expectations. This involves figuring out what their values are and making sure to include those things in their time.

“I think it’s really easy to let other things clutter up our time,” Brower said. “And so I think if we set what our priorities are, then it makes it a little bit easier to let some other things go, and that’s not always easy to do.”

Brower said another thing people can do is take ten minute breaks to refocus on what they are doing.

To help with his homework, USU biological engineering student, Matt Clegg, said he follows similar advice.

“I usually study for about an hour and a half and then take a ten minute break,” Clegg said. “Kind of go on a walk or go eat something, do something different than sit there and look at a piece of paper.”

Brower wrote an article with more tips, which can be found here.