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Wildfire Near Jordanelle Reservoir Is Contained
A wildfire that broke out near the Jordanelle Reservoir has been contained.

About 100 residents at Fox Bay Condominiums left their homes on Monday after a fire broke out by the Jordanelle Reservoir, which has now been contained.

Mike Eriksson, an area manager for the Utah Division of Forestry, said the evacuation has been lifted, and residents should be back home by now.

“It turned out to be only one acre after they GPS’d it,” Eriksson said. “So it was pretty tiny.”

Eriksson said a possible reason the fire did not spread is the summer has been wetter than average, and moisture in the plants made them difficult to burn.

“Which has been good,” Ericksson said. “Good for us. I prefer to have things wet than hot and dry, although it was a windy up there, and I think that was the big threat is the wind pushing it towards the condo.”

Eriksson said there have not been a lot of wildfires this summer because of the moisture. He said the National Weather Service predicts cooler temperatures and wetter conditions over the next three months.

“Yeah, it’s been nice: wet and cool,” Eriksson said. “I’ll take it.”

Eriksson said the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but he says a power line may have started it.