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Utah Becomes Battleground For 2016 Hopefuls


Utah has received a lot of attention from every major Republican and Democratic campaign in the lead up to Tuesday’s caucuses. As the races remain competitive down the stretch, candidates have been looking to win over Utahns like never before.

Chelsea Clinton visited Utah last week in support of her mother Hillary Clinton’s run for the Democratic candidacy. She said that campaigning in the state, despite its large Republican majority, is about ensuring that every vote counts.

“I was raised to believe, and deeply believe, that every vote matters. Trying to connect with as many people as possible is part of the responsibility and the privilege of being engaged in a campaign,” she said. “From my mom’s perspective, she’s always going to fight hard in Utah, she’s always going to have an operation to help organizers to really mount a serious effort to connect with people about what they think in this election and why she hopes they’ll support her in the caucus.”

The latest polls show that Utahns would vote for a Democrat over Republican Donald Trump.

Chelsea Clinton said that voters she met shared their concerns on a wide range of political issues.

“My support for my mom now really comes from the place of being a mom myself. I couldn’t imagine a more effective, strong advocate for children or the world I want my kids to grow up in than my mom,” she said. “When you ask what did I hear, people asked about everything from comprehensive immigration reform to protecting women’s health to helping to make early childhood education more versatile in our country to renewable energy and fighting climate change.”

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  While in Utah, Chelsea Clinton spoke at several events in support of her mother’s campaign. She said that she witnessed a lot of enthusiasm for the former First Lady during her visit.

“I felt a lot of enthusiasm for my mom’s campaign. I think you can see that when you look at the fact that she’s received more than two and a half million more votes than her Democratic competitor and a million more votes than person who’s won the most in the Republican side,” she said. “I was really excited to meet so many young supporters of my mom in Utah, admittedly, some of whom were so young they couldn’t vote yet.”

Hillary Clinton currently leads in the Democratic Party delegate count.