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Logan Police Use Public Tips To Identify Stalker Suspect

Cache County Sheriff's Office

The Logan City Police Department asked for the public’s help on Wednesday to identify a man who sent five packages to a high school student. The packages contained adult-oriented material and sexually explicit letters.

With the public’s help, police were able to identify Thomas Thackeray living at 690 South Riverwalk Parkway #206, Logan as the suspect. Police Chief Gary Jensen said he is appreciative to those who helped identify Thackeray, ultimately leading to his arrest and incarceration.

“If we don’t know who this person is, we’re pretty much at a dead end," Jensen said. "So when we list on Facebook and illicit the television media to post a picture or a piece of video and we get the tips back, that’s just an amazing help to us to solve crime.” 

Credit Logan City Police Department
Photos posted on the Logan City Police Department's facebook page, to seek the public's help.

  Thackeray was arrested and charged with one count of 3rd degree felony stalking. He was also placed on a parole violation hold. Thackeray is an active parolee, released from the Utah State Prison in April 2014 on similar stalking charges.

Detectives found evidence of other potential victims and other potential criminal violations. The investigation is on-going with additional charges possible.

Chief Jensen said parents should know what their children are receiving in the mail and on the internet, to be aware of predators.

“A lot of us have a tendency to think not my child, not my home, not my secure little town, but that’s just not the case," Jensen said. "We have to be careful. We have to be vigilant to keep our kids safe from these kind of predatory ploys.”