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New Study Looks At E-Cigarettes And Quitting

A selection of electronic cigarettes.

According to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control, which was released Thursday, people using electronic cigarettes had were less successful in giving up smoking and were less likely to have abstained for a six-month period. 

In Utah, the use of electronic cigarettes is growing. The Utah Department of Health reports that, between 2013 and 2015, electronic cigarette use among students doubled. Of those who reported using the device, nearly a third of high school seniors admitted to trying electronic cigarettes.

The sale of electronic cigarettes is prohibited to minors in Utah and the device is included in the state’s clean indoor air laws. In the past, the Utah Department of Health has recommended creating a retail license in order to sell electronic cigarettes.

When it comes to nicotine consumption, there is a clear generational gap. Younger people are more likely to be users of electronic cigarettes, according to the Utah Department of Health. For this demographic, it is the preferred method for obtaining nicotine. Adult use has remained steady over the last few years.

The idea that electronic cigarettes provide a gateway to conventional cigarette use may not be the case when other trends are considered. The National Center for Health Statistics reported that conventional tobacco use is on the decline nationwide.

Men are slightly more likely than women to have tried electronic cigarettes.