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Water Shortage In Small Town Heavily Impacts Businesses, Tourism

A small town located eight miles from Capitol Reef National Park is considered to be in a state of emergency due to a water shortage.

More than half of the town of Torrey has been left without running water since Thursday, forcing businesses and restaurants to close due to the limited supply of water.


In a small town with a population of roughly 500 and a large amount of tourists, Jeri Johnson, the county emergency manager and emergency services director, said the local businesses will have a lot to catch up on once they reopen.


"We have high volume of traffic through here right now with the national parks and that," Johnson said, "So, it’s pretty impactful. It definitely is blinding, but [the businesses will] see in the end, I’m sure, it will come out how much they actually lost."


As the water shortage takes its toll on the town, Johnson said as of Wednesday, pipes are fixed and tanks are beginning to fill back up. The last thing for officials to do will be to check the water quality one more time before allowing the public to have access to water.


"We’ve got one more set of samples to take today," Johnson said, "and it takes a full 24 hours for them to run the bacteria samples and if those come back clear tomorrow, we’ll be able to fully lift the boil order."


Johnson said the town is doing much better as the leak is fixed and tanks are filling. Businesses and residents will soon be back to their normal routines.