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Utah Lawmakers Say Group's Anti-0.05 DUI Limit Ad Offensive

Utah's new blood alcohol level moving to 0.05%

Several Utah lawmakers say they're offended by a national restaurant group's advertisement critical of Utah's new 0.05 percent blood alcohol limit.

The advertisement published Thursday includes photos of Gov. Gary Herbert and 11 lawmakers, all over age 65, with the headline reading "Too Impaired to Drive?"

The American Beverage Institute says the ad is based on studies showing drivers older than 65 are more impaired than drivers with a 0.05 percent alcohol level. The group says it's meant to show the 0.05 limit taking effect in 2018 is unreasonable.

Santa Clara Republican Rep. Lowry Snow was among those pictured. He said that the ad "lacks class and is offensive.

Salt Lake City Democratic Sen. Jim Dabakis was not pictured but says he's appalled by the ad.