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Tribe Calls On Utah City To End Annual Battle Reenactment
Wellsville "Sham Battle"

A Native American tribe wants a small northern Utah city to get rid of an annual battle reenactment that features people dressed as American Indians raiding an encampment of white settlers.

The Northwest Band of the Shoshone Nation has told Wellsville city officials that the so-called "Sham Battle" is a racially and culturally insensitive portrayal of Native Americans.

Wellsville Mayor Thomas Bailey says he hopes to reach a compromise so the annual Labor Day weekend event can continue in some form.

Darren Parry, vice chairman of the Northwest Band of the Shoshone Nation, says "the storm that's going to be at the front door" city officials don't scrap the event.

The Ute Indian Tribe Political Action Committee is planning a protest at the Wellsville city council meeting on Sept. 20.