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Cache County Superintendent Writes Letter Addressing School Safety

Cache County School District

A letter from the superintendent was sent out to employees, parents and students of the Cache County School District on Friday.  It addressed the recent school shooting in Florida and what the district is doing to increase safety.

After expressing distress for the victims of a shooting that killed 17 people in a Florida high school, Superintendent Steven Norton spoke about a few things the Cache County School District is doing to make schools a safer place to be.

He introduced a process called the Emergency Communication System, which he says will improve the way school personnel and law enforcement communicate during an emergency. Norton says this new system, in conjunction with already established safety protocols, like safety drills, will enhance the safety at the schools.

In addition and in partnership with the Cache County Sheriff’s Office, the district has employed school-resource officers at each high school who are available to assistant in an emergency. They are local first responders trained in dealing specifically with issues in a school setting.

Norton says these officers also visit “elementary and middle schools frequently to provide age-appropriate training and to establish positive relationships with students.”  

The superintendent thanked the district’s team of administrators, teachers, counselors and student-lead organizations that improve the safety and lives of those at the schools.