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Utah Activists Sit On Shooting Sites To Protect Petroglyphs

Utah Lake.
Utah Lake, where many activists sat to prevent the damage to ancient petroglyphs.

A Utah man and a handful of others took matters into their own hands to protect the sight of multiple petroglyphs, ancient etchings into rocks made thousands of years ago.

The Daily Herald reports Utah Rock Art Research Association President Steve Acerson, along with a few association volunteers, sat at a popular shooting site during Easter weekend to protect the rock art on Lake Mountain on the west side of Utah Lake.

Shooters were riddling the art with bullet holes to the point the pictures were either broken off or disfigured beyond recognition.

The rock art activists sat in foldable chairs at the site and picked up litter left by shooters.

Acerson says he doesn't believe most of the shooters damaging the rocks are doing it on purpose.

Acerson estimates the rock art is some of the oldest in the state at 10,000 years old.