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Airbnb Launches Tourism Program Experiences In Utah

Airbnb launches state-wide tourism program "Experiences."
Airbnb launches state-wide tourism program "Experiences."

Airbnb is launching its guided activities program Experiences in Utah.

The company announced plans with the state tourism office Wednesday adding Utah to its list of nearly 180 locations offering locally guided classes, tours and adventures. The service had been quietly rolled out over the last month and featured roughly 50 options as of Wednesday.

Airbnb is known for its short-term lodging rentals but since 2016 has also offered a platform for local companies and tour guides to offer specialized packages.

Initial Utah offerings included guided hikes, a live country-western music show and a lesson in blacksmithing. The activities are located all around the state.

The Utah Office of Tourism says the company's service will boost Utah's tourism sector and encourage tourists to spend more time in the places they visit.