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Residents Give Suggestions For Cache County Bike Routes During Community Bike Ride

Matilyn Mortensen

Cache County residents and officials met for a public meeting on wheels Tuesday morning. The community bike ride was an opportunity to discuss ways to improve bike routes in the county.

Dayton Crites is the Cache County trails planner.

“Historically all it’s been is green signs and we’re basically looking at this route signalized by these green signs that say bike route on them and we’re working with consultants to say ‘Are they still in the right place? Is it safe? Is it comfortable? Is this something you would let your children ride on?’” Crites said.

Where the answer to these questions is no, the county is looking at what can be done to make the routes more accommodating. Crites said the priorities come back to health, safety and welfare.

“For all those reasons, just really building a great quality of life in Cache Valley, and maintaining that as we grow,” he said.

Suzanne Dance is a Cache County resident at Tuesday’s bike ride.

“I’m new to biking and right now I don’t really know all of the routes, but I’d like to use the routes more,” Dance said.

Dance enjoys conserving gas and the exercise biking provides, however she doesn’t always feel safe on the side of the road.

“I think the biggest thing is to have a designated white line that these are where bikers go and just to have the valley know that we share the road,” she said.

The suggestions made by Dance and other residents will be taken into consideration as the county uses grant money to improve the routes.