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Intermountain Healthcare Eliminates 396 Jobs In Overhaul

Intermountain Healthcare Logo
Intermountain Healthcare Logo

A Salt Lake City health care company says it eliminated 396 jobs and created 107 new positions as part of a structural overhaul it launched late last year.

Intermountain Healthcare announced Monday that 59 positions were already vacant, and a total of 67 people in jobs that were cut "left Intermountain because there was not another suitable position."

The hospital system says the remainder of workers whose jobs were eliminated ultimately stayed with Intermountain in some capacity and make up "part of 1,075 caregivers that now have redesigned jobs and job titles, which include new responsibilities and leadership opportunities."

Intermountain announced earlier this year that 98 information technology employees and about 2,300 billing and scheduling workers at the organization would be outsourced to different companies.