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Three Iron County Schools Locked Down By Man With Leaf Blower


In the era of an abundance of school safety caution, three Iron County schools were placed on lockdown Wednesday, after a citizen reported to police seeing a man near the schools carrying what appeared to be a rifle.


The report came in as students were arriving at Canyon View High and Canyon View Middle schools on a late-Wednesday schedule.  Classes were already underway at nearby Fiddlers Elementary.  Arriving buses were directed away from the two secondary schools and all three schools were placed on Level 2 Lockdown for students already there. 


“No one comes into the building and no one leaves the building, and traffic in the hallway is minimized,” said Superintendent Dr. Shannon Dulaney.


The incident comes one day after a mentally challenged man pounded on the locked doors of Enoch Elementary carrying what turned out to be a toy handgun.


The offending object carried by the man spotted on Wednesday, turned out to be a leaf blower.