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Phone Scammers Mimic Law Enforcement

Iron County Sheriff's Office

Thursday, several Iron County residents received scam telephone calls from an individual claiming to be from the Iron County Sheriff’s Office. 

Caller IDs showed the actual phone number for the sheriff’s office—a practice called phone number spoofing, in which scammers use equipment designed to mimic legitimate phone numbers.

The caller advised the victims they had missed a jury duty summons and a warrant had been issued from the Iron County Justice Court.


Victims were told if they did not send money they would be arrested.  Lieutenant Del Schlosser says common sense is always your best defense.


“This is a scam," he said. "Law enforcement will not call you and advise you that you have a warrant. That is something that law enforcement does not do. If you have a warrant, law enforcement will come to your home and place you under arrest there.”


The Iron County Sheriff’s Office website provides specific advice on avoiding this and other scams.