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Unaffiliated Utah Voters Need To Choose Which Super Tuesday Ballot They Want

A role of "I voted stickers" laid out over a letter board with the words "voting day" written on it.

As Super Tuesday approaches, unaffiliated voters in Utah will need to make a decision soon if they want to receive a ballot by mail.

In Cache County, letters were sent to all unaffiliated voters asking whether they would like a Republican or a Democratic ballot for the upcoming presidential primary. Those who request Republican ballots will become registered members of the Republican Party and remain so for upcoming elections since the state GOP has closed primaries. 

Voters who would like Democratic ballots do not have to become registered members of the party, however, County Clerk Jill Zollinger said ballots will only be mailed to unaffiliated voters who return the letter by Thursday. If Cache County voters miss this deadline, they will have to reach out to the clerk’s office individually to make arrangements for voting in March. 

Residents of other counties who are either not registered to vote or unaffiliated with a political party should reach out to their county clerk for more information about how to receive a by-mail ballot.