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Utah Dog Receives Farm Dog Of The Year Award

Each year, people from all over the country submit applications to American Farm Bureau for the recognition of Farm Dog of the Year. This year, a Utah dog was awarded with this title.

The title of Farm Dog of the Year was awarded to a Utah dog named Flint at the 2020 American Farm Bureau Convention.

“Flint is happiest when he is out moving cows with us,” said Rhett Crandall. “You know, we as humans, we kind of grumble when we have work to do but for him that work is what he lives for.”

Flint is an 11-year-old Australian Shepard that works on Crandall Farms Inc in Springville Utah.  His owners, Beth and Rhett Crandall, said that Flint is capable of herding animals the same as two people would. 

“Flint, he's really able to really walk the cattle and see exactly what they need,” said Beth. “ And he's able to read them in ways that we as we as people are not able to. And so he prevents a lot of stress on those cattle when they're being moved and worked in the corral.”

This is the second time Farm Dog of the Year has been awarded. Flint and his family received $5,000, a trophy, and a years’ worth of Purina foods for Flint. Flint also received a photoshoot and video presentation that showcases his hard work on the ranch.

“It's important to have an award like this because it can, it's a good form of public outreach. So it encourages us as these pet owners and farmers and ranchers to apply for awards such as this and then that allows for consumers and others to see how we use dogs on farms and ranches and that they really are a loved member of the family and that these dogs love working and it's what they're bred to do and what they're passionate about,” said Beth.

Flint is also certified through the Canine Good Citizen Program and spends his spare time lifting the spirits of residents at senior centers.