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Find the latest information on the Coronavirus outbreak in Utah, including public health measures, contact information, news updates, and more.

Bear River Health District COVID-19 Test Positive Rate Averaging 19%, Up From 2%

Bear River Health District
From May 28th to May 31st, the average percent positive of COVID-19 tests was 19%

The Bear River Health District released a new chart on Monday showing the results of the 6,669 COVID-19 tests performed in the district since March. According to a public information officer for the Bear River Health District, the chart suggests that the rate of positive COVID-19 cases has been up since approximately May 28.

"On May 28, it looks like we had 164 negative tests in our Health District, 41 positive. May 29, we had 72 negative, 39 positive. May 30, we had 134 negative with 27 positive. And May 31, we had 169 negative with 18 positive," said Joshua Greer, a public information officer for the Bear River Health District.

The daily positive and negative data translate to a 20% positive rate for the 28th, a 35% positive rate for the 29th, a 17% positive rate for the 30th , and a 10% positive rate for 31st . The average positive rate for the past four days is 19%. Although it’s possible the last four days are an outlier or due to improved testing, Greer said that these rates of positive coronavirus tests are larger than is typical for the Bear River Health District.

"The state was averaging anywhere between about 4.2 to 4.5% positive. And Bear River Health District has actually been 1.6, 1.7. So we've had a lower positive rate up here, up until this last weekend. We'll have to see how things go. Hopefully these trends don't continue. Hopefully we continue to see it go down again. But again, as people are out and socializing and going back to work, we anticipate more positives,” Greer said.

Greer reiterated that people are strongly encouraged to stay home when sick.