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Threshold Choir Organization Providing Downloadable Music To Provide Comfort To The Dying

A Cache Valley choirthat sings for people who are dying can’t provide in-person music because of social distancing, but said the worldwide organization they are a part of has made four downloadable songs available online.

The Cache Valley Threshold Choir group is a chapter of the worldwide Threshold Choir organization. Whose purpose is to provide in-person music at the bedsides of those who are dying or seriously ill. 

Efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus means the local choir can’t sing to people in person, but choir director Leslie Black said the Threshold organization has made four songs available online for download.

"The opportunity for them to have this music at their fingertips where it can be downloaded and someone can play it for them either through a telephone, or a healthcare worker could play it through a computer at the doorway," Blac said. "The music is just so comforting.”

Elizabeth Evans, the co-director of the group, said the music isn’t just meant for the person who's dying. 

“The person that is in the bed is not necessarily cognizant of everything that's going on and music sort of is like, like transcends your spoken word, and can be a real comfort," she said. "The women that came to the first meeting all had stories of a loved one or, or someone they knew who, you who at that, at that end time, either felt like they needed to have the music there or the music was provided. And it was a huge comfort. I mean, everybody could just like, relate to that intensely.”

In order to social distance,  the choir rehearses via Zoom, which can be difficult. But Evans said choir members appreciate the interaction.

“We sing from our hearts by songs and that can convey a calm presence and hope messages of love, gratitude, compassion, grace and peace.We offer the gift of our voices at tender times,” said Black.

To download the music visit