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Community Theatre Holding Yard Sale To Help Cover Building Expenses

All across the country theaters have been forced to shut their doors due to the pandemic. In Perry, the Heritage Theatre is holding a yard sale on Friday and Saturday as part of an effort to offset the loss of ticket sales and pay for building expenses.

“I mean, think about it as if a Broadway theater threw open their doors and you were able to go pick through their prop room. The fun little knick-knack things that you would find that are going to be unusual that you don't find anywhere else. And so it's kind of like looking through your hoarders aunt's attic. All of those fun little glittery things that you would find there,” said Hollie Swapp, the press coordinator for the Heritage Theatre.


She said props will vary in shape, size, and costs. 

Since Heritage is a community theater, few jobs have been lost from the shutdown. Those who run tickets at the box office have lost work, but all other performers and workers are volunteers. The funds from the sale will be used to cover expenses related to the theatre’s physical building. 

Although the props and set pieces at the sale are no longer needed, Swapp said some of the items will be missed.

"We also do have good relationships with other theaters in the area where we bought and borrowed and rented things back and forth," she said. "So we have resources that will cover the gap. But yeah, we will probably feel it in future productions but we're hoping to be able to work around because if we're not open, it doesn't really matter whether we have the props not.”

Swapp said it’s important to those who run Heritage Theatre to keep it open because they believe it creates a better community. 

“It creates a confident and a more accepting population," Swapp said. "I think when you're able to go and pretend and really see what it would be like to live in somebody else's shoes. Theater does so much more for the community at large and just provides an escape for an afternoon, although I think that's enough."