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Trail Runners Participate In Annual Run To Top Of Logan Peak This Weekend

Harley Barnes

The Logan Peak trail run is an annual 28-mile run that traverses the mountains around Logan Peak. This year's race was on Saturday.

Sweat and dirt covered the people who ran the 28 miles of the trail run. Family and friends cheered on the trail runners as they crossed the finish line, some even running the last steps with them.


The race began in the morning near Dry Canyon in Logan. Participants ran up to Logan Peak in the loop course, with the finish line at Hyrum Gibbons Mt. Logan Park.


For Wade Gledhill, it was his first time doing the run and he finished before his family could even get there to cheer him on. 


“It was amazing, almost a spiritual experience," he said. "You kind of have a few moments you have to push through, it’s really hard. But other moments where you’re in that running high and nirvana. It’s a really cool feeling.”


Gledhill said the camaraderie of other runners is inspiring, and they all pushed each other to keep going. 


“You get up to the highest point by Logan Peak, which is about the halfway point, that’s really steep," he said. "It was hard to get up, but the view is so worth it.” 


For runner, Randy Spaulding, it was his third time doing the race, and on Saturday he got his personal best time. 


He said seeing his family, especially his wife Kristin, at the finish line is always his favorite part. 


“Seeing my family, seeing Kristin when you finish, it’s emotional because you wonder if you’re gonna make it," he said. "You have doubts and you try to just go to the next step.”


The ultramarathon has a 6,600 foot elevation gain with lots of incline.

Harley is a news reporter at UPR. She covers a bit of everything, but especially news dealing with education and updates from the governor. She has always loved both writing and public speaking, so radio is perfect for her. She is a student at USU studying journalism, sociology, and criminal justice. Outside of work and school, she loves running, hiking, and exploring National Parks.