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Seven Cache County Municipalities Hold Hearings To Discuss Increasing Tax Rates

Each year, cities and towns across Utah hold Truth in Taxation hearings. These hearings are mandated by state law and provide an opportunity for residents to respond to increasing property taxes.

This summer, seven Cache County municipalities will be holding Truth in Taxation hearings to discuss increasing property taxes. While some communities would be bringing in more revenue due to proposals from local officials, other increases are due to rising property values. 

Dianna Schaefer is the chief executive auditor for Cache County.


“We just strongly encourage our citizens to go to their hearings to voice their concerns to have the elected officials transparently explain the reasons for the proposed increase in terms of the additional dollars that they will be receiving," Shaefer said.


Even if a municipal government is not proposing new taxes, they may have to hold a truth in taxation hearing because property values have increased and the city or town is bringing in more money under the same tax rate. 


Dates and times for the hearings can be found online and Schaefer said people can use resources like the clerk auditors tax administration division to research their city’s tax increase. 


Clarkston is one of the municipalities planning on holding their current tax rate. Schaefer said percentage wise, they will also be the municipality that sees their tax revenue grow by the highest percentage. 


"If you want to look at percentages, would be Clarkston Town and their at a 31% increase over their prior year budget and that is only a $12,000 increase," Schaefer said.


Nibley is also holding their same tax rate and will see a 12% revenue increase to the tune of $86,000.


Hyde Park, Lewiston, Millville, Richmond, and Wellsville are also holding hearings to discuss increased revenue. More information can be found on