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Utah Based Company Moves To Four-Day Workweek

The Utah based company eFIleCabinet is switching to a four-day work week. 

Company CEO Jesse Wood said this is to help improve work-life balance for employees and to improve their creative output.

Employees will no longer fulfill the common 40-hour workweek and their compensation will not be decreased. 


Wood said the mission of eFileCabinet is to help their customers automate and secure repetitive document-centric processes so that they can focus on the work that matters most. The four-day workweek is meant to be consistent with that mission. 


According to Wood, employees will be asked to deliver the same outcomes they were producing in a five-day workweek in four days by focusing on the work that matters the most.


The new work schedule is also complemented with an option to work remotely and the company will work to reduce unnecessary meetings and redundant emails.