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Utah State Works With Cache Valley To Find Housing For Students This Semester


After many students at Utah State University were faced with housing problems, the university had to prepare for the current semester.

With a new private development still under construction going into the fall semester, 135 college aged adults were put out of housing with a majority of them being registered USU students. 

Emilie Wheeler is the news director for USU’s marketing and communications department and said the university wanted to free up as much space for students as they could. 

“Our housing office started to work to free up some additional spaces and we recognize that those spots might not be equivalent to what the students who signed leases off campus were looking for but we wanted to make available as many as we could," Wheeler said.

USU reached out to community members about possible rentals that would be available, as well as multiple complexes across Cache Valley. Complexes across Cache Valley were already full for the upcoming semester and USU made accommodations for any available rooms they had. 

Katie Jo North is the executive director of new student enrollment and said adjustments were made in order to better accommodate students. 

“USU housing really changed a lot of spaces available for housing so they changed some private rooms to shared rooms, they had some spaces that were set aside for COVID that they made into living spaces. Really tried to take every available space for students,” North said.

USU successfully reached out to students who needed housing options. North said they did the best they could to help each one find a place to live. 

“We really did try and  help everybody find a place and whether some of those students moved to a next semester, some of them went online for a semester, some of them we found housing for but we were able to get in touch with everybody affected by that housing and able to help them in some way," she said.