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Former teacher claims the Park City School District retaliated against her for reporting sexual harassment incidents

Park City School District Office
Ben Lasseter
Park City School District Office

Kathy Moore, former Park City School District teacher, filed a lawsuit last week following alleged sexual harassment incidents occurring at Parley’s Park Elementary School in December 2020. Moore claims that the district is now retaliating against her.

In her complaint filed to the district court, Moore stated that several female students reported a male student harassing them on the playground. These claims were initially reported by Moore to the school principal, Derek Houck, who believed that she should split her classroom by gender and not allow the two sides to talk or play together.

Moore was later transferred to Trailside Elementary School by the district and had her teaching duties stripped away from her, reducing her to the role of a substitute teacher. In addition, she believes that she was blacklisted by the district and that this blacklisting interferes with her ability in applying for other teaching jobs in other school districts.

Moore stands by her decision to protect her students and believes that no teacher should be punished for reporting sexual harrassment claims as it will discourage other victims from coming forward in the future.

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