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Utah Midshipman remembered by teachers and friends after his passing

24-year-old Taylor Connors, a Utah Midshipman from the Naval Academy, recently passed away.
U.S. Naval Academy
24-year-old Taylor Connors, a Utah Midshipman from the Naval Academy, recently passed away.

The Naval Academy announced the death of 24-year-old Taylor Connors from Pleasant View on Wednesday. Connors was a midshipman from Utah who died while on leave in Philadelphia.

Connors’ passing came as a shock to all those who served alongside him as well as his community back in Utah. Chief Kelly Martin, Connors’ former teacher at the Utah Military Academy’s location in Riverdale, said that Connors’ passing was heartbreaking.

Martin explained that while at the academy, Connors was a soccer coach, a drill team commander, and a group commander who had all the qualities of a leader. Connors served as group commander and was responsible for over 250 cadets. He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 2016 and later received a Secretary of the Navy nomination to the Naval Academy.

Marine Corps Maj. David R. Emison II, a mentor to Connors and the training officer for the Naval Academy, described Connors as the “best of us,” saying that he was a leader among his peers and saw himself as a Marine infantryman first and foremost.

Even Gov. Spencer Cox shared his condolences to the passing of Taylor Connors through a post made on Twitter. In his post, Cox showed gratitude for the young man’s service and encouraged everybody to keep his family and loved ones in their prayers.

Circumstances surrounding Connors’ death are currently under investigation, but it’s believed that his death was not a result of foul play. Connors’ family was reportedly at his bedside at the time of his death.

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