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Salt Lake City police officer arrested for DUI, placed on leave

Scott Rodgerson

After being arrested on Friday with a DUI charge, a Salt Lake City police officer was placed on administrative leave.

37-year-old Thomas Caygle is currently facing several charges including driving under the influence and negligently operating a vehicle resulting in injury. Arrest documents report that Caygle was driving his truck in Weber County when he caused an accident, injuring another driver.

The documents also show that Caygle and the other driver pulled off the road after the minor crash and started arguing, prompting Caygle to get back into his car and drive into the rear of the second vehicle. The other driver’s legs were then pinned between the two vehicles. He was later taken to the hospital, however, the extent of their injuries are currently unavailable.

Salt Lake City Police Department officials say that at the time of the arrest, Caygle was off-duty and was driving a personal vehicle. Caygle later admitted to drinking before the crash and was arrested after failing sobriety tests. He would later be placed on administrative leave and the SLCPD launched an investigation regarding the incident.

In a statement, SLCPD Chief Mike Brown says that the community expects the very best of its officers at all times and after receiving all the information regarding the crash, he and other officials are disappointed in Caygle’s actions and after the investigation closes, any violation of department policy will result in full accountability.

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