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Over 30 Draper homes damaged after groundwater flooding

A water pipe broken and flooding into dirt in front of a house
Fox 13 News

On Tuesday night, over thirty homes in Draper were hit by flooding leaving many of them severely damaged.

Darcy Douglas, one of the homeowners affected by the flooding, says that everyone was paralyzed from the incident and felt like there was nothing they could do to stop the water. Several of the homes in the Bellevue neighborhood were filled with several inches of water.

That same Tuesday, the city posted an announcement on its Facebook page offering sandbags for pickup, but residents such as Rachel Lillian believe they won’t do anything.

A city spokesperson later revealed that the flooding was the result of groundwater flooding in a private system and doesn’t have any connection to the city’s operated storm drain system. On Wednesday, the public works department checked out the system and said it was operating without issue.

In an effort to help the flooded homeowners with their cleanup efforts, the city dropped off dumpsters around the neighborhood. The residents affected say that they’re grateful for the help, primarily from their fellow neighbors.

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