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Move Over Superman - Cupid Is Saving Hearts In Logan

Move over Clark Kent, Cody Apedaile has his own alter ego and he’s currently saving hearts in Logan.

Some travelers along Logan’s Main Street were greeted by a six-foot tall man wearing white wings, pink high-tops and a diaper as he danced with a four-foot long stemmed red rose.

Undaunted by the frigid 25-degree weather, the Utah State University mechanical engineering student donned his Cupid persona on behalf of the gods of love.

“I want to make everyone have a good Valentine’s Day, you know," Apedaile said. "There’s a lot of singles and they hate it cause they’re single and so it’s like, ‘Woopty-doo, I’m single too. Get out there and have fun.’”

Apedaile said what started out as a dare while he was a student at Sky View High School has turned into a six year venture.

“I’m probably gonna just keep doing it," Apedaile said. "Because a lot of people love it.”

He switches up his look each year but said his signature look, the handlebar mustache, will never change.

Apedaile does everything from singing songs and dancing to reciting poetry as he delivers flowers and chocolates to unsuspecting recipients.

“Women love the cupid," Apedaile said. "So, use it to your advantage.”  

Though Apedaile is single, he’s a romantic at heart and said he's learned some things over the past six years as Cupid.

“Love has many definitions beyond romance," Apedaile said. "Show love for your friends and your family. If you are single, they have more people to express your love to. And make your friends awkward, make your family awkward. I’m cupid, I make people feel awkward and they love it.

You can find Apedaile on the corner of the Logan Tabernacle or on the USU campus, but wherever he is, he’s invested in one thing.

“Just making sure everyone is having a good Valentines,” Apedaile said.