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Bulls On Logan Main Street Set For Late Retirement

A bull statue covered in M&M's painted by various Cache Valley High Schools
Faith Heaton Jolley


While strolling along Main Street in Downtown Logan, one can visit antique shops, eat at restaurants, and see opera and theater productions. Walking along, one can also see some peculiar painted bulls - some decorated in designs depicting candies like M&M’s, or wearing Tutu’s like Cache Valley Civic Ballet ballerinas - grazing on the sidewalks.


“The Bulls on Main Street, Aggie Stampede, was a project we launched from the Center for Persons with Disabilities here at Utah State, back in 2012. And we were celebrating our 40th anniversary and we wanted to do something to reach out to the community and make a connection,” said Bryce Fifield, former director of the Center for Persons with Disabilities.


That connection was a hit and miss, according to Fifield. Many people and businesses disliked the idea of having the bulls bolted to the sidewalks.


“Right from the get-go we had kind of some pushback. There were some folks that thought that they were disrespectful of the Aggie spirit, and others thought that they were just the greatest thing since sliced bread,” he said.


The Center for Persons with Disabilities collaborated with the Logan Downtown Alliance, and worked with them to make the installment happen. But now after six years, the bulls are being taken down.


Their original plan was to take the bulls down in September 2015, but due to popular demand and nothing to take their place, the removal deadline was extended. Now the city feels that the bulls have run their course, and are ready for a late retirement.