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Salt Lake Arts Gallery Holds Exhibit Dedicated To Star Wars

The Urban Arts Gallery in Salt Lake City currently has a Star Wars based arts exhibit on display. ‘Star Wars: Heroes and Villains’ features fan art from not only the Star Wars Universe, but many other science fiction universes as well, and it’s all created by local Utah artists.

“This one right here is one of mine," said Dan Hainsworth, a digital artist who has various pieces on display at the exhibit. "So it’s called the Apotheosis of Stan Lee. It’s a parody of the Apotheosis of George Washington. And really what it is is Stan Lee in the middle dressed as George Washington, and around him instead of angels - it’s an assortment of characters that he either personally created or co-created.”


And it’s not just digital art that the gallery is displaying. You can find a statue of a stormtrooper posing like Buddha, or a large oil painting of the Death Star.

May the Fourth be with you is just a really fun little opportunity to put together an event like this," said Scott Tuckerfield, the gallery manager at the Urban Arts Gallery. "We have a lot of people in the artistic community here who are really into the fan art thing, especially Star Wars. There’s just a lot of people involved that really appreciate the opportunity to have something like this.”