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Logan Library Sending Out Surveys For Public Input

A view of the Logan Library near the police department
Logan City


The Logan Library is a sanctuary for academics, researchers and your common bookworm. It has been stationed near the Logan City Police Department since 1985 when the then-library director, Ronald Jenkins, pushed for a new building and increased library funding.


“The library, it needs to be replaced. It’s aging and falling apart,” said Karen Clarke, the new Logan Library director.


Clark has been the library director for almost a year and is already working to make changes for Logan’s Library. But she also wants to know what its patrons have to say about the new building.


Library board member and assistant professor at USU, Crescencio Lopez-Gonzalez, has created a survey for that purpose.


“The primary reason for taking the survey is to take the temperature. To understand our patrons and see how they feel about our new library,” Lopez-Gonzalez.


The survey is 11 questions regarding the library’s functions, design, location and so forth.


“So far we have more than 1,000 patrons that have responded. In fact, 1,400 have responded. And they are very interesting results," Lopez-Gonzalez said. "One of the most interesting ones I’ve found is the question regarding where the library should be built.”


The library board, with help from Logan’s former mayor, Craig Peterson, as well as the current mayor, Holly Daines, has decided on a few options for the library’s new location.


“We have an option on what we call the V1 site, which is on 100 S. and 100 W. right across from [Logan] high school where that gas station is. We have an option to purchase that site," Clarke said. "We’re still verifying with mayor Daines and the city council that this is the right site for the library. We really want to make sure it’s going to be the best site for our citizens and to make sure we have plenty of parking.”


Another location they are considering is the Logan Emporium, which has been vacant since 2017.


“It’s almost like throwing away money to a building that is falling apart. So we want to start on a new place. The library more than anything else is the heart of the city. It is the place where families come together and feel safe,” Lopez-Gonzalez said.


To give your two cents on the location, direction, design, or any other aspect of the new logan library, visit their website.