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SQ Radio: One-Hour Special


Part I: Civil War and Revolution in Lebanon - A Commander's Perspective

Ramsey Farrage was just a kid in the Lebanese mountains when civil war broke out in 1975. He had to grow up quickly and turn into a trained soldier and leader in Druze terrtitory. Farrage decribes the making of the current October Revolution in this half-hour special.




Part II: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

In this pilot, we take you backstage at Riverwoods Pet Hospital, where Dr. Yoeny Calas Dobson (the Pet Diva, short for Doctor of Insightful Veterinary Advice) treats whatever wild or tame creature walks through her door, from Fido the dog to a roaring lion or South American Kinkajou. One of her rescues, a Mojave Desert Tortoise leads us to the popular red rock desert in southwestern Utah, where his relatives will surprise you with their hospitality and amazing reproductive strategy.