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Federal Rule Change Is Raising Questions On How Services To People With Disabilities Will Be Issued

Young adults play games during a conference
Center for Persons with Disabilities

People and families who receive Medicaid-funded home and community-based service waivers can learn more about how a rule change will affect their services during a training event in Salt Lake City on Thursday. 

“Most people with disabilities receive some sort of support  through Medicaid, and one of the ways that you can receive support is through a waiver,” said Laura Boswell Henrie of the Disability Law Center. “One of the most well-known waivers is the community-supports waiver here in Utah. The settings rule is supposed to make sure that the services that individuals receive through home- and community-based waivers actually provide independence for people who want to live at home and also provide access to the community.”

The training will help people understand what the changes mean for them.

“I think that whenever there is change, or people hear a rule, it’s easy to get concerned that something will be taken away,” Henrie said. “And that’s really the opposite of what the goal of the rule is, and so I think the training is really meant to reassure individuals and families about what the rule is intended to be."

The event will be held at the Employment and Community Integration Training and Technical Assistance Center at Utah State University’s Salt Lake campus. The event is free, but registration is required. An archived version will eventually be made available for those who cannot attend.

Details can be found on the community integration center’s website.