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Logan City to Spray For Mosquitoes

Logan City has begun mosquito control season. 

On Monday, Logan City began spraying pesticides at city parks and golf courses to help battle mosquito problems including worries about being bitten by the insect.

“But even more than that is West Nile Virus, which is not an epidemic type of thing, but it kills a few people and it makes a lot of people sick.”

Logan City Forester, Joe Archer said Logan City will also be spraying for pests in other cities within Cache County.

“We start treating any stagnant water with larvacide. It’s a lot easier to kill a ... bunch of mosquitoes in a mud puddle than it is to kill a few in the air. But that’s the first phase - probably the most economical and productive phase - is when you’re trying to do larvacide.”

Cache County residents can take part in a “do not spray” option if they don’t want their property sprayed with the pesticide.

“There are different levels of sensitivity, and there are also people who just don’t like it.”

Archer said residents can contact him about putting their names on the list and said Logan City will continue to spray daily from 7:30 p.m. to midnight throughout the summer.