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$5 Million Donated To Hospital In Logan

Like many others, Richard and Jane Spillman have had loved ones diagnosed with cancer. They have seen the emotional and physical toll it takes on families and decided they wanted to help where they could. They decided to make a $5 million donation to the Intermountain Logan Regional Hospitalto fund a caregiving team for cancer patients.

“Cancer diagnosis is a very anxiety-provoking thing and there’s a physical and emotional and mental reaction that occurs for patients and their family members and this team that the Spillmans have generously decided to help support patients deal with all of those feelings,” said Kyle Hansen, the CEO of Intermountain Logan Regional Hospital.

Hansen said caregiver and supportive positions will be created and entirely paid for with the Spillman donation, a service cancer patients and their families will be able to benefit by for free.

“What these caregivers do, helping patience during probably the most difficult time of their life is trying to ease the burden of what it means to navigate our often times cumbersome healthcare system to make sure that they can just focus on healing which is what they really need to be focused on,” Hansen said.