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Navajo Nation Tightens Fire Restrictions Across Reservation

Wildfire risk is at a high and the Navajo Nation is cracking down on potential hazards.


The Navajo Nation is tightening fire restrictions across the reservation because of ongoing drought.

Tribal President Russell Begaye says people should be praying for rain and each other. Tribal officials plan to conduct a ceremony next week, making offerings for rain.

The Stage II restrictions apply to all Navajo land in New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona.

Burning debris and building campfires, charcoal fires and warming fires are prohibited.

Chainsaws are allowed within certain hours.

Smoking isn't recommended in open areas.

Anyone branding livestock can use petroleum-fueled stoves as long as the immediate area is cleared of flammable material.

Anyone building a ceremonial fire must get a permit from the tribe's Environmental Protection Agency.

Violating fire restrictions carries a maximum fine of $5,000.