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Female Judges On The Utah Court Of Appeals Hold Panel Discussion

Harley Barnes

On the Utah court of appeals, four of the seven judges are female. On Friday, Utah State University hosted these women of the judiciary for a panel discussion.

“I think all of us were underestimated at one point in our careers and in our professional lives. Don’t let that bother you, don’t let that prevail,” said Judge Michele Christiansen Forster.

Christiansen Forster said women and minority groups should not be afraid to achieve their goals. She joined judges Jill Pohlman, Mary Kate Appleby and Diana Hagen for a panel on Friday morning at Utah State University. 

The judges focused on how experiences they had throughout their careers have helped them succeed. They also talked about how important it is that women are taken seriously in law-related careers. 

“I think one good thing about being a woman and having struggled through your career and sometimes being underestimated or people having these assumptions about you makes me realize I don’t do that to other people and other groups,” said Judge Pohlman.  

Judge Pohlman said early in her career she was often the only woman in the room and was not always taken seriously by those she worked with. However, she said there were also people who invested in her success. 

“There are people in this society and in this position that will help you and mentor you. And that’s what we’re here for.” 

Judge Christiansen Forster said judicial positions are to be filled by those who are the most qualified and women should not be afraid to take that on.