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  • The Woman King is a painfully familiar hero's journey about unity, ferocity and courage. Throughout this film, I had difficulty getting swept away deep into the story because it kept reminding me of other films.
  • I Love My Dad is a comedy that delights in the uncomfortable, but it also honestly portrays the emotional power of social media by showing how weeks of texting and online conversations can grow into a relationship....or at least what feels like a relationship.
  • Inside is not a psychological thriller but is more a psychological study on humanity and our constant needs to build or destroy, to read stories or write them, to consume or to explore. The pieces of contemporary art are shot beautifully in this film, but it could be more exciting and more interesting if it didn't spend so much time trying to be such an austere, psychological daydream.
  • This nihilist bent on the teen comedy feels so fresh, so crazy, and so aggressively energetic, it will delight many comedy lovers (especially dark comedy lovers.) Bottoms is a cringey, unpredictable addition to the growing wave of mainstream queer cinema that began last summer with the films Fire Island and Bros. I'm hoping this wave keeps gaining height.
  • A few artsy elements, with visual metaphors of dead birds and engulfing smoke, add some thoughtful style to this biopic. But I'm sad this one doesn't have enough fire to grab viewers' attention. Golda reminds me at least some creative license from the director is important, no matter what real-life story is being told.
  • Talk to Me follows in the footsteps of other horror films centered around haunted objects tormenting the lives of youngsters like Oculus (2013) and Ouija (2014). A few jump scares are peppered in this film, but it's the quiet, patient moments that succeed in scaring viewers, and those are themoments I'm still thinking about today.
  • I'm hoping Netflix, and all other streaming platforms out there, are ready to invest in films like this that have a pulpy grit and wonderfully three-dimensional performances.
  • This film does not tell a part of history everyone will like or even a part of history everyone will agree on. But it's not going to be a boring, thoughtless, or forgettable film this year.
  • This film is one half a plucky coming-of-age story and one half a battle of the sexes musical comedy. This isn't the movie of the year since Barbie was never a part of my childhood but it made me laugh and made me feel like I was part of an inclusive spirited party.
  • Resurrection is not a flashy or sexy film with a lot of twists or characters, but that doesn't mean it's boring or lacking anything. The artsy lens through which the conclusion is shown might be frustrating for some viewers, because important things are left unexplained. But that's part of the nefarious effect of this film. Just like the main character who fights for her life, even you will start to question what is real and what is not.