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Utah's morning weather forecast 3/19/24

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Good morning Utah! Today’s weather will be beautiful! Temperatures are warm, the skies are clear, and only the lightest of breezes are present as a high pressure system moves through Utah.

Temperatures are heating up a little today. Higher elevations will have peak temperatures in the forties with the tip of the Uintahs reaching 35 degrees. Northern and Central Utah will see highs in the sixties with Salt Lake City having the highest temperature in the area, around 66 degrees. Southeastern Utah will have highs in the low to mid-fifties with the St. George area having a high in the upper sixties.

The skies will be quite calm today across Utah with breezes never breaking the single digits. Gusts in the teens and low twenties will be found around the Southern border of Utah in the morning, but by afternoon, these gusts will reduce to the teens and scatter across Utah. These gusts will remain into the evening.

Tuesday will be warm and beautiful! Have a great day and take a moment to breathe today. This is climate scientist Abby Bushman with the Utah Climate Center.